As experienced lawyers, we help you gain foothold in Asia – in a transparent way and, naturally, in compliance with all laws. In addition, we developed these best practices that apply to every ADWA law firm. They serve as an illustration of our requirements for the conduct of ADWA law firms.


All ADWA lawyers are licensed to practise in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Communicative link

The ADWA lawyer managing your mandate will serve as a communicative link to the ADWA law firm and is available to you as a contact person during the entire process.

International transactions

ADWA lawyers have vast experience in international transactions and close familiarity with the respective commercial laws.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Code of Conduct is available on our website. We comply with the requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility.


All ADWA law firms abide by the relevant money laundering laws.


The appointed ADWA law firm implements a conflict resolution mechanism.

Response time

We respond quickly to enquiries and keep response times as short as possible.

Social Media

We do not draft or share social media posts relating to your mandate without your consent.


Recommendations to other ADWA law firms will only be made after prior consultation with you. Upon request, we will be happy to recommend or personally introduce a colleague. Of course you have the freedom to contact non-ADWA lawyers in all countries.


On the terms of the mandate, a written agreement is concluded. Individual mandates are fixed in writing.


Naturally, we treat all information with absolute confidentiality.


All mandates are billed in a transparent way on the basis of hourly rates. Upon request, we offer other billing models.

Code of Conduct

We at ADWA are fully committed to adhere to the highest ethical and professional legal standards. Below we are laying out the values, principles and standards of conduct governing our practice.

I. Compliance with law

All ADWA partners comply with the laws of their respective countries and demonstrate correct and responsible behavior at all times. This applies particularly to the principles and regulations governing the legal profession.

1. Anti-corruption and bribery

We firmly reject any kind of bribery or corruption. We handle your case in a safe and legal way.

2. Money laundering

The duties to prevent money laundering are complied with by all ADWA lawyers.

3. Prevention of harassment

We reject any form of harassment. We maintain zero tolerance for harassing behavior both in and outside of the workplace.

II. Values

ADWA upholds a variety of values to realize an environment of trust and safety.

1. Integrity

At ADWA, we attach great importance to present ourselves authentically and meeting a high moral standard. We believe that honesty and trust are cornerstones of our day-to-day work.

2. Respect

ADWA lawyers treat all clients, colleagues or other persons, with whom they interact respectfully.

3. Gender equality

Equal treatment between women and men is a fundamental value we respect and implement in our daily business. We stand against gender-based discrimination, especially in regards to renumeration for work of equal value.

1. Professionalism

All ADWA lawyers work with the highest level of professionalism. Confidential information, of which the ADWA lawyers have become aware of through their work, is not used for personal benefit or that of third parties.

2. Conflict of interest

To ensure independence and loyalty for our clients, we do not accept assignments that may be in conflict with the interests of our clients.

3. Loyalty

Loyalty is fundamental for a stable and strong relationship with our clients. We advocate your interests with zeal and pursue them together with you.

4. Confidentiality and Data Protection

The information you share with ADWA lawyers is treated as confidential and will only be used as necessary to treat your case. All members of ADWA process the information adequately, avoid unauthorized access or distribution and maintain the highest level of secrecy. Naturally, we comply with all applicable data protection laws.