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Investment Guide Singapore

Singapore is one of the leading economies in Southeast-Asia. In many international rankings (legal system; ease of doing business; entrepreneurial freedom etc) Singapore takes regularly the top ranks. As a well-connected international hub, Singapore is an ideal basis for regional business development activities in Asia.

Our Singapore investment guide (at this time only available in German) is currently the most detailed and extensive introduction to Singapore’s investment regulations available in the market. The guide provides a detailed outline of investor’s questions relating to company formation, establishment of Joint Ventures and how to set up a Representative Office. In addition, questions relating to Thailand’s foreign investment laws, tax laws and protection of intellectual property are addressed.

The investment guide is based on the year-long solid experience of RESPONDEK & FAN in Singapore. The guide can also be used as a reference with regard to the most fundamental questions corporate investors are faced with when entering or developing the Thai market.

The current version of the investment guide has been updated in January 2019.